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Q: What is the Brattleboro Emergency Notification System?

A: The Brattleboro Emergency Notification System (BENS) is Brattleboro's little piece of the “Code Red” emergency phone notification system. It is a high speed emergency telephone communications service that can deliver customized pre-recorded emergency messages right to your phone(s).


Q: How does it work?

A: Your name, address, home phone number and an alternative phone number/cell phone number are entered into our data base. The system is internet based and messages are “launched” from a computer.


Q: When will it be used?

A: When it is deemed necessary by Brattleboro public safety officials during an emergency situation, a recorded message can be sent to the phone numbers you have supplied us for the data base. This mass notification can be to a certain area of town affected or the entire town at once. It can be used for evacuations during flooding situations, hazardous materials incidents, severe weather emergencies, missing children or elderly, broken water mains or any other time a quick and efficient mass notification needs to take place.


Q: When is the “alternate” phone number called?

A: BOTH the primary and alternate phone numbers will be contacted when a call goes out for the address specified.


Q: How do I get my information into the data base?

A: There will be a couple of ways to do this. There will be a link on the town's web site and the Brattleboro Fire Department web site that will take you to the Code Red registration page where you can enter your information. There will also be registration cards at multiple Town offices which you can fill out and return. Once we get your information it will be verified and then become part of the data base.


Q: Can I enter my business into the data base?

A: Yes, just click on to the “Business Data” tab when you go to the enrollment page.


Q: What geographically area will BENS cover?

A: The Brattleboro Emergency Notification System data base is being built to do mass notifications of Brattleboro residents. If people live in bordering towns you are welcome to enter your information on line as notification off the mapping system may include the area you live in. You are also encouraged to contact your town's Emergency Management Director as your town may be participating in the Code Red notification system.


Q: If I work in Brattleboro but live in a neighboring town can I register my information in the data base?

A: Yes, the best way to do it is to have your place of business enter their information into the data base. You can also register under your name, work address, and enter the phone numbers and/or your cell phone number.


Q: How secure is my personal information in this data base?

A: Your information is kept on a secured server belonging to the Code Red Emergency Communications Network. This information will not be sold to a third party.


Q: How does the Brattleboro Emergency Notification System help to protect our community?

A: This system allows your Emergency Services and Town Officials to notify thousands of people simultaneously. With one message going out to everyone at once it assures that you are getting accurate and clear information while at the same time reduces the demand on emergency personnel.


Q: Who do I call if I would like more information about the Brattleboro Emergency Notification System?

A: You can go to the Code Red web site at or you can call the department head at the Police Department, Fire Department or Department of Public Works.