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About The Dive Team

Specially trained members of the Brattleboro Fire Department make up the Brattleboro Dive Rescue Team along with some members who have joined the Brattleboro Fire Department for the specific purpose of being a dive rescuer. The team is dedicated to water safety and is a non-profit organization. The dive team's mission is the rescue or recovery of people or property involved in water related accidents, and water related investigative searches and includes responses in more than 20 towns in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Team members volunteer and have operated under the Brattleboro Fire Department for more than 36 years with little cost to the town. Members spend hundreds of hours of training to develop and maintain their skill level. Applicants join with the understanding that team call outs can occur at any time and in any conditions. Expenses are primarily paid for by dive team members, donations, fund raising and grants.

The members are all Professional Association of Dive Instructors (P.A.D.I.) certified divers and line tenders. The team is trained in self rescue as well as victim rescue from still water, swift water, cold water and ice emergencies. Many of the team members carry specialized certifications such as: rescue diving, underwater search and recovery, deep water diving, and zero visibility diving.





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