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Site Administration
Hello! My name is Rusty Sage. I am a full time Lieutenant with the Brattleboro Fire Department. Welcome to our website's administrative page. Over the years it has taken a lot of work to get our website to where it's at, and we are constantly working on improvements.

Currently, we are working on bringing a second administrator on to work on updates and announcements on the site. Welcome Call Firefighter Mesa Kennedy . Mesa is a fairly new member to the department but has shown commitment to the department in her new role and an interest in working on the site.

Oversight of the website is conducted by Firefighter Michael Heiden who is the President of the Brattleboro Firefighters Benefit Association, and by Chief Bucossi.

If you have a Brattleboro Fire Department related news story, article, photo., or questions about the site, please contact the department at (802) 254-4831 or email myself at Please do not solicitate for business advertising or other websites. We do not post these items.


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